Well he went home with me and story is wrote! His name is Chance because he had a Chance with me.  Chance is 10 years old and his blood line is a tabby.   LOL He is my best friend and cherish every moment I have with him.  Chance was born in Red Oak Tx and lives in Chicago Ill Jerry Hill – 2021 


Annie was my best friend she seem to get along with everybody my mother Rose Miller had adopted her she came from Heber Utah.  We always wondered what she was according to her blood line I believe she was coyote / herder mix.  Coyote’s surely do not make very good pets however she was as docile as any thing could be.  My mother would always say I think that dog is in love with you by the way she look at you.  In 2013 my mother passed and Annie became my dog / best friend. Annie had passed a number of years ago however I believe God works in mysterious ways and put Annie in my life to help me deal with the passing of my Mother and Father and will be forever grateful for having Annie in my life.    “Peter Miller”